My journey through the world of cats


When I was 16, I started working in Vet Clinics. It’s been a long career for me, and I have seen all sides of the cat business. I could attempt to sum it up by saying, it’s about the connection between you and the animal.
When I was in pre-veterinarian school at West Virginia University, I learned all about the anatomy of a feline. There are so many different breeds with interesting traits. There are many different diseases that our amazing pets deal with. There is just so much to the subject of cats, that one can easily devote their life to learning all about it. And I have. I really liked learning about these animals and how their bodies worked, how their minds worked.
After my education, I came back to Charleston, and for 6 years I was a vet-tech at Pet Vet. Then, in 1996 I joined Cats Only, where I focused on grooming just cats for the next 20 years!
Through all of that hands on experience, I learned to take full control over the process and make it an amazing experience for the cat. I also learned how to show and explain in simple terms what was going on, so that no owner was uneasy about grooming their loved one.
And so here I am today, the proud owner of my own business, The Southern Cat. A business dedicated to taking the hassle out of having your cat professionally groomed. I come to your home and take care of everything. All you have to do is relax!
I continuously further my education in this field and currently I am one of the very few people in the State of South Carolina enrolled in the Master Grooming Certification for the National Cat Groomer’s Association. I recently received my certification as a Fear Free Professional as well, which serves to help me provide the best, most stress-free environment for your cat.
My mission is to build the best mobile cat grooming experience you have ever come across. I am so looking forward to helping you and your amazing cat.
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